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The Wildling Tribe is an alternative and holistic learning venture aimed at reviving the traditional wisdom and knowledge that is being lost in today's fast-paced society, both virtually and in person.
We aim to build a bridge to the past to help our children and grandchildren create a beautiful and connected world for themselves.
We run sessions and events in a beautiful Cornish woodland as well as workshops and children's courses in our local area.
We have created the Wildling Tribe Club and Wildling Wisdom Awards so that your Wildlings can seek wisdom no matter where in the world they may be!
Join us on our mission to support families to live a life more aligned.

The first instalment of The Wildling Tribe Story
"The Quest for The Lost Wisdom"
This is the reason The Wildling Tribe was created

"Wisdom Seeker Box of Bits" available to purchase in the Wildling Shop soon!

Psst! We have a favour to ask....!

Most of what The Wildling Tribe does is completely free of charge.
We prioritise change over finances because we believe it is so important for the children of the world.
Like everyone at the moment, we are struggling to make ends meet!
We are a single parent home educating family, and would like to be able to continue sharing wisdom with Wildlings worldwide.
Most of the work behind the scenes is, in fact, done from the corner of a Cornish kitchen in the wee hours of the morning!
As we are sure you can appreciate, creating all our free content, worksheets, videos and awards and planning for our free sessions and events takes many hours.
Nobody takes an income from the Wildling Tribe and any staff voluntarily give their energy to help empower Wildlings everywhere.
There are a number of options for you to support us to share the Wildling Wisdom if you feel it has helped you and your Wildlings.
Our Tribe would be really grateful
Please click on a button below to help us help them imagine a life more beautiful
Thank you <3

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