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The Wildling Tribe Club

Have you got the "tribe vibe"? Join our Wildling Tribe Club and become part of the Wildling Tribe!

We offer an in-person and virtual award program, covering traditional skills and wisdom such as plant medicine, outdoor and survival skills, storytelling, crafts, cooking, self-awareness and empowerment and much more! 

Give your Wildlings a gift that will help them throughout their lives, a sense of purpose, belonging and the confidence to live their best lives - the gift of Wildling Wisdom...

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To join The Wildling Tribe

Click here

The Wildling Tribe (1).png

Members Click Here


Membership gives your family...

Discounts and merchandise!

Discounts on face to face events and sessions

Access to our members only shop and interactive community platform

Access to The Wildling Tribe Portal!

Full access to the members areas full of activities, recipes, challenges and much more! Full access to our award program 

Full free access to all our exclusive downloadable and printable content across the site

Wildling Wisdom Awards!

Full free access to all awards in the Wildling Wisdom Award Program

See below for details

Just £5  a month for family membership

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