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What is The Wildling Wisdom Award Program?

We have created an optional knowledge award program for children to complete. The program grows with your child and can be used for toddlers to teens. Simply choose the level that matches your child's ability.

 Each award covers a specific area of skills and knowledge. Children can achieve awards by joining our online award program either through the App or on the website. Watch short videos, complete activities and then test your wisdom with our online quizzes! Upload your own photos and videos as part of the program and receive certificates and badges on the App!

Our Fantastic Forager Award is available to try FREE for a limited time only!

Just go to our Wildling Wisdom Award Page and request to join the course.

*Usual price for membership is £5 per month, the free access is for a limited time only*

Our Seedlings Level Awards are aimed at younger children and our Wildling Wisdom Awards are aimed at those from around 6 up, but we recognise that children are all unique and hope that Wildings of any age can complete the level that is most suited to them.

We are working hard to bring you our Eclectic Minds Awards for young people, which we hope to launch in Summer 2024.

The awards have no time limits so can be completed at your child's own pace.

Any effort to complete challenges and activities will be awarded because we believe the important bit is the doing! 

Seedlings Awards - coming soon!

  • Hector's Chef

  • Medicine Maker

  • Seedling Forager

  • Seedling Survivor

Wildling Wisdom Awards

  • Fantastic Forager

  • Wellbeing Warrior

  • Tribe Chef

  • Storyteller

  • Master Crafter

  • Weapons Expert

  • Tribe Trader & Wayshower

  • Survival Specialist

  • Woodland Guardian

  • Water Guardian

  • Tribe Shaman

Wildling Tribe Elder Award- achieved on completion of all Wildling Wisdom Awards

Examples of the learning content in our Wildling Wisdom awards. Our awards are interactive and engaging, making your Wildlings excited about learning new things. These videos form part of our Wildling Wisdom Awards. The first one is all about foraging for plantain (Fantastic Forager Award) and the second one is about how to ground yourself using the tree pose (Wellbeing Warrior Award). Take a look...


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