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Download, print and laminate these handy pocket sized plant ID fact file cards so you will always know what you are looking at!

Covering 48 wild hedgerow plants found in the UK, these cards will be an essential part of your Wildlings' foraging or herbalism kit!

Easy to understand, with real photos for easy identification

Cross reference with the TOXIC WILD PLANT KEYCHAIN CARDS (UK) to ensure you know exactly what plant you are picking and what to avoid.

A must have for all those seeking the Wisdom of the Plants

Forms part of the Fantastic Forager and Medicine Maker Awards

No printer or laminator? Order our ready made cards instead! (ready made product comes with a key ring and a letter from The Wisdom Keepers.)

WiId Plants (food and medicine) ID Keychain Cards UK

SKU: wildplantcardsset1
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