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You made it!

Welcome! I am the Wisdom Keeper.

We are building our Wisdom Seeker Tribe

Please come back soon!

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Watch "A Gathering of the Tribe" to find out why some people believe we have a very important job to do on this planet.

Do you think they are right?

Or do you think we are here for another reason?

Whenever you see the hand you can click on it to follow a link to a story. song or video. This one is the teaching of the Medicine Wheel from the Hopi Tribe. The medicine wheel is used all around the world in different versions in tribes and by native and first peoples. Was it once great wisdom that everyone knew but we have forgotten?

 It tells you why being a Wisdom Seeker is so important for humanity.

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Wisdom Seekers

Click Here

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Diver at Underwater Cave

The Cave

In the darkness of the cave lies the most important wisdom of all - the wisdom of the self.
The Wisdom Keeper and the Guardians will take you on a journey of discovering your uniqueness and power. This will not be an easy journey so be prepared... 

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We will start at the beginning..

Who are you REALLY?

What is a soul? Let's find out!

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Click play for a chakra masterclass!

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Now watch this video from The Last Airbender - don't forget to try some onion and banana juice!

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